Many years ago it struck me that there are many that try to live by their wits, their own skills, strength and will power. Yet as members of the Kingdom of God we are encouraged to live our lives under the guidance, direction and power of the Holy Spirit. In his letter to the Galations, Paul uses the term "walk in the Spirit" and there you have it - We are to live by W.I.T.S. - Walking in the Spirit and no longer according to the old sinful nature.

Easy to say, not so easy to do, I think.

With the material we present here, we hope to provide some insight into the principles and character attributes that we are shown in the Bible as things worth developing into our own lives. We trust we can do this in such a way that all may realize that this is not "Rocket Science" and thus beyond the grasp of those of us that are just ordinary people.

We expect to provide opportunity for feedback and discussion as the site develops.

Our overall prayer is that in some way we can be a source of encouragement or inspiration to you and thus spur you on to a more passionate and intimate walk with Him.

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